Poem Series: #2

How colonialism operates to encompass even the sounds from one’s mouth.
How even this must be controlled. Reined in.
Kept subservient and to the satisfaction of the master.

Nothing is safe.

Take your children and your bodies,
away from this possessive clutch.

– The hegemony of English and the refusal of Filipino mouths to let go of their mother tongues. The way the r’s roll and vowels sing. Never forget this.

(A reflection from reading some works by Vincente L. Rafael.)

Poem Series: #1

October 2, 2017.

i leave love notes for myself
in post-it notes,
love notes reminding me of the work to be done.

they tell me
what i must say,
where i must stand-
where i must go what i must do who i must be what i must find who i must see why i must be and just
i break

the usually yellow paper
also reminds me

– post-it notes


So I’m not gonna lie – but it’s difficult to find time for self reflective writing when you’ve willingly submerged yourself in coursework and side projects.

So, I have a proposition:

Recently, I’ve been writing poems on the side when the moment strikes me. Until I eventually make the time to post a longer piece, I will posting these poems as they pop up.

(And I’ll be right back from one that appeared a couple of days ago.)