So I’m not gonna lie – but it’s difficult to find time for self reflective writing when you’ve willingly submerged yourself in coursework and side projects.

So, I have a proposition:

Recently, I’ve been writing poems on the side when the moment strikes me. Until I eventually make the time to post a longer piece, I will posting these poems as they pop up.

(And I’ll be right back from one that appeared a couple of days ago.)

Writing Update

Since I've gone to the Philippines, I have had to learn how to adapt to a wifi free environment. Because of this, I will now be writing my pieces in advance and then just posting them when wifi presents itself to me. I shouldn't rely on it to be there, at least for now.

That being said, instead of rushing a piece when I have some wifi available, I'll write out my thoughts and then check it against sources for posting when there is wifi.

Here is a lineup of some topics that you can expect to read on in the coming days:

  • Sitting in the beauty chair and learning how to be ashamed of my body
  • Acceptance of Filipinos in the LGBTQ+ community
  • On travelling in a car through Manila
  • This is(n't) home

I hope that you will find these interesting to read!
Until the next 250+ words,
– Phebe Manaog